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Welcome to the Sowing Seeds Surrogates Page!

If you are curious about the Surrogacy process or becoming a Surrogate, you have come to the right place!

We began our business to provide Education, Matching Services, and Guidance through the Surrogacy Process.  Because both of the Founders of this agency are experienced Surrogates, you can be sure we understand and are dedicated to helping you in every aspect of the Surrogacy journey.

Sowing Seeds Surrogacy Services is located in the Iowa Quad Cities, right on the Mississippi River.  A prime location to take advantage of the extremely friendly Surrogacy Laws of the state of Illinois. Due to our proximity, our Iowa and Illinois Surrogates can deliver in Illinois, but we will work with Surrogates from other Surrogate-friendly states as well. 

All of our Surrogates can look forward to:

Matching - We will match you with intended parents that share beliefs, values, and expectations.  We will guide you through the screenings and the medical process while advising you on completing the necessary paperwork.

Education – We will explain the Surrogacy process, answer questions that you or your family have about Surrogacy, and we are working to educate the public on Surrogacy as well. 

Community – We will sponsor get-togethers with other Surrogates, and host events that will engage your Spouse/Partner/Family. 

Involvement – We will be supportive.  We want to know how your journey is going, and we want to know if there is anything we can do to help your journey go more smoothly. 

Transparency - We have chosen to partner with an Escrow agency that uses a Portal.  This will allow both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents to view transactions in and out of the Escrow account.  

Sowing Seeds Surrogacy offers the most personalized experience for all of our wonderful Surrogates. This process can be so "hurry-up-and-wait" at times, and we don't want our Surrogates to ever feel lost, uninformed or misunderstood.  Our intention is for you to feel like you are in a partnership with Sowing Seeds Surrogacy along with your Intended Parents, as well as part of the larger Surrogacy community. When you include Sowing Seeds Surrogacy in your journey as a Gestational Carrier you can expect support and expert advice on every issue or concern. We look forward to you being a part of our team!