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Surrogate Fees

Surrogate base compensation (variable; determined by surrogate)

*Surrogate-friendly insurance and other factors may influence compensation

Experienced Surrogate additional $10,000-$15,000
Multiples Fee additional $3,000-$5,000

Maternity clothing allowance

(paid at 12 weeks for a single and 10 weeks for multiples)             

$500 single

$750 multiples

Variable Surrogate Fees

Embryo transfer and bed rest(if required) $500
Mock or dropped cycle $500
Medication Start Fee $500
Cesarean section (if not already determined necessary)         $2,000
Invasive procedures, such as amnio, CVS, D&C (per occurrence) $500
Fetal Reduction/Termination $1,500
Life Insurance ($250,000 policy) $300-$500
Loss of uterus $2,000
Hysterectomy $3,000-$5,000
Loss of one or more tubes $1,000
Ectopic pregnancy surgery $1,000
Housekeeping (Physician ordered bed rest only) $100/wk
Childcare (if on bed rest) $15-20/hr
Maintenance Fee: expenses such as mileage 100 miles or less (round trip), and pre-natal vitamins, mailing, faxing, child care for routine doctor appointments(begins at signing of the contract) $200
Lost wages for appointments and bed rest Varies

Psychological Screening*

*All Psychological evaluation fees are paid by Intended Parents

Assessment of surrogate (and partner, if applicable)



Legal Fees*

*All legal fees are paid by Intended Parents

Surrogate contract and pre- and post-birth orders         $3,800 - $5,000
Escrow management Surrogacy fees are held in escrow by a licensed and insured escrow agent. Parents may seek other escrow management services.)             $1250 - $1500