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The Steps to Planning a Family through Surrogacy with Sowing Seeds Surrogacy Services
The Steps to Planning a Family through Surrogacy with Sowing Seeds Surrogacy Services


Welcome Intended Parents!

Let us outline the steps with working with Sowing Seeds Surrogacy Services and what you can expect from us in the months ahead!


  • Read through our website to compile a list of questions that you may have
  • Contact us for a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with the Intended Parent Coordinator/Co-Owner, Jill Snodgrass
  • Sign the Retainer Agreement, Submit Agency Fee
  • Background check and financial verification is conducted
  • Psychological Consultation will be scheduled(if not already completed)


If all checks and evaluations are passed we move on to the matching stage, which includes:

  • We will begin to recruit and hand-select Surrogate candidates who meet your specific criteria
  • Surrogate candidates will be pre-screened and their profiles will be presented to you
  • Matching Conference call with potential Surrogate
  • Meet potential Surrogate
  • Confirm Surrogate match
  • Surrogate’s psychological assessment, background & credit check


The Screening process includes: (This step will not apply to Intended Parents who already have frozen embryos)

  • Medical screening for Intended Parents (If not previously completed)
  • Medical screening for Gestational Surrogate
  • Sperm sample is collected & frozen at the time of medical screening per FDA guidelines


  • Legal consult & drafting of Gestational Surrogacy contract
  • Sign Gestational Surrogacy contract
  • Egg Donor contract drafted and signed (If applicable)
  • Attorney will provide a legal letter of clearance to the clinic so that all procedures may commence
  • Fund escrow in accordance with the contracts for Gestational Surrogate and Egg Donor, Escrow Fund Agreement


  • The Gestational Surrogate & Egg Donor will be instructed to begin taking fertility medication
  • The fertility clinic will determine an egg retrieval date based on the Surrogate & Donor’s progress
  • Following the egg retrieval, sperm and eggs will be combined to create embryos
  • Embryo transfer date will be selected based on the embryo development (3 or 5-day transfer)
  • 12-14 days after the transfer the clinic will confirm pregnancy via blood test