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Available Surrogates

Presenting Surrogate "D"

Age: 27
Height: 5’0”
Weight: 120 
BMI: 24

Children: 1

C-sections: 0
Insurance: Needed

“D” lives in Iowa, but is on the Iowa/Illinois border and is willing to deliver in Illinois.  She and her husband are both US Military Veterans and have been married 6 years. “D” works outside the home.  She and her husband have one daughter and consider their family complete. They are very active with their extended family as well.  “D” has been considering Surrogacy for 3 years and the time is right for her family to start this journey.

“D” is open to working with all types of singles and couples, but will only reduce or terminate if there is a life-threatening abnormality or her life is in danger.  She will need a Surrogacy-Friendly Insurance policy, because her current policy has exclusions.


Presenting Surrogate "C"

Age: 40
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 130 
BMI: 21

Children: 3

C-sections: 1
Insurance: Cigna

“C” lives in the St. Louis, MO area, and is comfortable with delivery in either Illinois or Missouri.  She works outside the home and has a wonderfully supportive husband and three children. She has a flexible job so she is very active with her children, doing a lot of day trips and playdates.  

“C” most recently delivered in 2017 via c-section, has had 3 uncomplicated pregnancies and is cleared to begin immediately.  “C” has Surrogacy-friendly insurance, and would like to be matched with a heterosexual couple. She is open to termination. She would like a couple that wants to be involved in the process.  

“C” is a US Citizen, but originally from Brazil, so she is bilingual.  


A note from “C”:

I have watched my friend go through her Surrogacy Journey and I have been very excited to begin the process.  I believe babies are blessings and having my own family is awesome, so I would love to help a couple to have a big family and have a sweet baby to love.


If you are interested in learning more about the above canadates please contact either:

Jill Snodgrass: 563-340-5842   or   Nichole Powell: 563-594-4306