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Available Surrogates

Introducing "B"

Age: 28
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 190
BMI: 33
Children: 2
C-sections: 0
Insurance: BCBS

Can deliver in IL or IA

“B” is married with 2 children. She
works outside the home, and likes to
cook, work out, and read. She most
recently delivered a son in April 2015.
She would prefer to be matched with an
Intended Parent or Intended Parents
that want to build a relationship
prior to transfer.

A note from “B”:

I have seen couples that are very
close to me who have gone through
difficulties conceiving. I have
watched them go through years of Dr’s
visits, hormones, miscarriages and I
have been so lucky to be able to
conceive very easily and with no
difficulty. I have thought about this
a lot and know that if I can give
somebody the gift of becoming a parent
then I would love to be able to do
that for them. Being a mom is one of
the most rewarding yet challenging
experiences that I wouldn’t give up
for the world, and always thought it
was a wonderful gift somebody could
give to another person.