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About us
Meet Nichole
Meet Nichole

Nichole is one of the Co-Founders and Match Coordinator.   Her love of family and compassion for others led her to be a Surrogate for two families.  

Nichole feels like she got the best of both worlds with her Surrogacy journeys!  Her first journey was for an International couple, and the second journey was for a couple in the US.  Both were singleton pregnancies, and both have blessed Nichole with experiences and relationships she will always treasure.  Surrogacy has given her family, and especially her children, a great perspective on giving.   

Nichole wanted to continue her passion of helping couples and individuals with their dreams of becoming parents after her last Surrogacy, so she started this Agency with Jill.  Nichole's professional background is in Business and Procurement, and she has her BA in International Business. 

In her free time with family she enjoys using the family camper and traveling around the area to explore parks, go fishing, and spend time in the great outdoors. 

Meet Mandy
Meet Mandy

Mandy is our Marketing Director.  Her attention to detail and her heart for helping others is an asset to our agency.  She and her husband had a child and then tried for 5 years to have a 2nd.  It was finally through IVF that they were able to have their twins so she knows first hand the emotions of infertility.  This is what lead her to become a surrogate and she carried twice for a family.  Mandy knew after her journeys she wanted to continue her surrogacy journey professionally.


In her free time, Mandy loves traveling and spending time with her family to anywhere with sunshine and a beach.

Meet Jill
Meet Jill

Jill is one of the Co-Founders.  She came to the surrogacy world in 2007. Jill enjoyed being pregnant and had a passion for helping others which lead her to becoming a surrogate for four different families (triplets ’08, twins ’10, single ’12, twins ’14) and has since retired. Each of her journeys were unique in some way. Most with traditional parents, some local, some in other states, some wanted involvement and some not so much. While working with an agency Jill learned where some education in regards to surrogacy was lacking which is what prompted her to focus on starting an agency. She not only wanted to provide matching services but also an opportunity to educate others on the surrogacy process and share her vast amount of experience and knowledge.

Surrogacy isn’t her only passion as she has worked in the helth care industry since 2008. Jill’s attention has been focused on a marketing and customer service background as well as working with many insurance companies over the years.

When free time comes she enjoys gardening, working out with her husband, baking & cooking to share with others, their miniature dachshunds, riding on their motorcycle, volunteering at various church functions and, most importantly spending time with her family.

Jill has been married to her husband Joseph for over 21 years. She has two sons Gabe and Jacob.